PAC Food Policy

Food and Beverages

  • Gum is not permitted at any time in any area of the interior or exterior of the PAC.
  • No concession sales will take place at the PAC.
  • Groups may have a bake sale in the lobby after a performance so long as food is not taken into the rest of the building.
  • No banquets, private parties, or catered food events will be hosted at the PAC.
  • The following exceptions will apply, so long as prior approval has been given and arrangements have been made with the PAC staff during the planning phase:
    • Foods may be served (not sold) to visiting judges, visiting directors, guest speakers, guest conductors, in the lobby or Green Room during long events, such as UIL contests, where they do not have enough time to leave the PAC to dine elsewhere.
    • Foods may be served (not sold) at a reception in connection with a performance in the lobby, so long as the reception takes place after the performance.  Food, snacks, gum, and beverages may not be carried past the lobby, into the back of the building.  Reception foods must be consumed in the lobby or outside of the building.
    • Organizations are permitted to feed lunch or dinner to their students or performers (items served to them, not sold to them), when there are occupying the PAC for long hours such as during long rehearsal, Region Clinic and Concert, volunteers working at UIL contests, One Act Play, etc.  Students or performers must eat outside at picnic tables, other outdoor areas; or they may eat in lobby (only) in cases of bad weather.
  • Food, snacks, beverages, or gum will not be permitted inside the auditorium, on the stage, in the technical control areas, back halls, multi-purpose rooms, dressing rooms, or restrooms.
  • Food and beverages will be permitted in the lobby and outside on the patios only, with prior approval.
  • Performers may be permitted to have bottled water only on the stage, in the multi-purpose rooms, or in dressing rooms during lengthy rehearsals.
  • Student groups may not be served food, nor may they consume foods, cokes, or sticky-sugary beverages in the multipurpose rooms, dock, or in the dressing rooms, or anywhere beyond the lobby.
  • All food and beverage trash must be disposed of in trash cans and may not litter the facility or grounds.
  • Outdoor picnic tables are available for guest use on a first come, first serve basis, so long as previous arrangements have been made to bring foods to the PAC.
  • Sponsors may take their student groups to the nearby park/pavilion and picnic areas behind Gutierrez M.S. (the Harlingen Sports Complex).

Foods not permitted

  • No sunflower seeds or other type of seeds,
  • No popcorn,
  • No nuts
  • Absolutely no gum
  • No small candies (i.e. hard candies)
  • No nachos, cheese sauces, etc.

Food Permit

  • The Performing Arts Center kitchen is not properly equipped to apply to the city for a food permit.
  • Concession sales is prohibited at the Performing Arts Center.